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Under Sample

2018 | Branding - Art direction - UI/UX design

Under Sample is an events organisation that puts on concerts, DJ sets and exhibitions linked to urban culture in Bordeaux. Their main goal is the share the culture of French Hip-Hop and all other art forms linked with it (music, dance, fashion and art).


Create a unique visual universe without falling into the cliché of urban culture and the underground world. Build the brand visuals from scratch, using the youth of the organisation to its advantage while emphasising a professional atmosphere.

My approach

I used graphic design and illustration to create a strong universe that is immediately recognisable; visuals that could only grow and strengthen in the future. The structure and interaction of the website is simple and user friendly, allowing the illustrations to speak for themselves

Branding & Art Direction

Branding &
Art Direction



UI/UX design

UI/UX design


Sound - Greg UNDR SMPL