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Jaune de Chrome

2016 - 17 | Branding - Print - UI/UX design

Jaune de Chrome is a fine porcelain brand that distinguishes itself by using precious enamel, and collaborating with famous Michelin Star chefs. Founded in the mid-80s, it offers artistic and avant-garde dinnerware, bathroom tiles and household decorations.


Rework the image of the brand to reinstate its prestige, while bringing a modern twist to each new collection.

Create a true feeling of luxury in both printed, and digital form.

My approach

I shifted the visual identity of the brand towards modern shapes and fonts, and focused the branding on precious metals: foil printing in rose gold, large spaces of textures palpable in print, and large close up photos of the products on dark backdrops to create a deep, mysterious and exclusive feel for the clients.

Branding & Logotype

Branding &

Print & Digital communication

Print &
Digital com-

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design


Nomad Plate - Jaune de Chrome
Lookbook photos - M-Agency